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What is Giv360

Giv360 is an innovative fundraising platform leveraging today’s technology for a seamless way to fundraise. Giv360 boosts non-profit organization’s donations by tapping into supporters’ existing purchase behaviors and through partnership with local businesses. 

How Giv360 Works

Giv360 is simple. Cardholders complete a one time card registration using Giv360’s website or mobile app. As cardholders patronize participating merchants, up to 5% of qualifying transactions are donated to the non-profit organization of the cardholder’s choice. 



Raise money for your cause by simply registering your card and shopping at your favorite merchants who support your same cause.


Attract new customers and build brand loyalty by supporting cardholders’ favorite schools and other nonprofit organizations..


Create awareness and raise money when your supporters shop at participating merchants who supports your organization.

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