Open Hand Atlanta Serves 5,000 Meals a Day, Focuses on Healthy Choices

Suzie Sloan and Shawan Allen from Open Hand Atlanta joined The Eric Holtzclaw Show to discuss their non-profit's mission, how they get the word out and raise money for their organization.

Food insecurity is a critical issue – and Open Hand prepares and delivers over 5,000 meals every day, so Open Hand addresses this issue on a large scale. But they don’t stop there. Open Hand not only gives clients access to health-promoting food, they ensure that they understand the connection between healthy food choices and better health outcomes. And that connection is critical because more than 75% of those served are living with nutrition-sensitive chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and HIV/AIDS, with many dealing with multiple chronic conditions.

Open Hand invests heavily in the quality of therapeutic meals and nutrition education programs.  It costs more to take this comprehensive approach to nutrition, but it also saves lives and the community potentially millions of dollars in healthcare costs over time as these vulnerable friends and neighbors are empowered to take an active role in managing their health.

Open Hand's Strategies to Engage Younger Generations: Open Hand has been fortunate to have a strong core of supporters over the past 27 years. As many of them have become limited in how often or deeply they can engage, it was important to develop new strategies to engage younger volunteers and donors. These young people were born in a digital age, so engagement strategies must be relevant to them and grow the relationship. 

Open Hand has invested in learning what motivates donors to give of their time and resources, and leverages social media extensively as a means to cost-effectively keep them engaged. Open Hand is in the process of developing a new mobile-first digital platform and apps for young people to better engage...and share their stories with each other.

Open Hand relies on technology partners who help drive engagement—and giving—through their apps.  Giv360 is a perfect example. It’s so easy to use—and being a food-centered nonprofit with great relationships with local restaurants and businesses, it’s a natural fit for those who support Open Hand. If they already go to these businesses, why not continue to show them and Open Hand some love at the same time?

Open Hand is excited to partner with Giv360 and join forward-thinking technology initiatives such as these.

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