Your Giving Helps the Living All Year Long

Your Giving Helps the Living All Year Long

Has someone close to you ever died? If so, you know how people come out of the woodwork to send condolences, help out financially, cook meals, and provide help.

Then...usually after a few weeks, the meals stop coming, the visits end, and the support dries up.

While help during a crisis is definitely appreciated and I don't want to minimize that, the need is still there long after the sympathy flowers have wilted.

A lot of charities can relate to this analogy.

Over Thanksgiving and the Holidays, people tend to give more to non-profit organizations. An analysis of giving trends in 2014 showed the majority of giving happens the last three months of the year. All sectors across non-profits received 17.4% of their donations in December alone. Compare that to January through May, which averages only 7.4%. per month.

While it is understandable that the "holiday heart" of giving may fade once routines get back in place, kids return to school, and life takes over again when presents are put away - it still makes me think of those "left behind" after a loved one has passed.

The help and money stops pouring in, but the light bill still must be paid. Volunteers need phone lines up and running to answer crisis calls at the domestic shelter. Meals need to be cooked at the soup kitchen and pantries still need to be filled at the Red Cross. Shelter dogs need food and care. Blood banks still need blood.

These people and charities depend on the good will of generous people to get them through the whole year.

And lest you think that big corporations or businesses provide the majority of the nearly 4800 nonprofit organizations represented in the $16.2 billion dollar fundraising in 2014, think again.
Because 90% of all giving is from the donating public, not big foundations or corporations.

That means, you and I are responsible for keeping these
non-profit organizations afloat.

So how can you help your favorite non-profit be viable and healthy all year long?

Giv360 is the easy simple way to give! The Giv360 platform allows you to donate just by frequenting the places you already use. Swipe your payment card at any participating Giv360 merchant and up to 5% of your purchase goes directly to the charity of your choosing. You don't need a special card to pay. Use whatever debit or credit card you already use. It's that easy. So the next time you eat at a restaurant, you could be donating 5% to No Kid Hungry, or the next time you visit Zoo Atlanta, you could be donating 5% to Atlanta's Pet Rescue and Adoption No-kill shelter.

The possibilities are endless and your donation can really make a difference. Find out more at Giv360. Don't wait another day.