David Danzig with The Teddy Bear Crusade Discusses A Holiday Party with a Purpose

David Danzig, Co-founder of The Teddy Bear Crusade joined The Eric Holtzclaw Show today to discuss a holiday party with a purpose.

The Teddy Bear Crusade is an annual holiday party with two goals. Party goers purchase $100 dollar donation tickets where all proceeds benefit Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and the Aflac Cancer Center. They also bring a teddy bear that is then donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the Division of Family and Children’s Services.

This year’s event will be held this Friday, December 4th from 8-12pm at the Foundry at Puritan Mall on the West Side. It’s a new venue, with a live DJ and an open bar. They are expecting a turnout of between 600 and 800 people this year, so be sure to get your tickets now!

For additional information visit www.tbcatl.org or visit their Facebook page.

Listen to the whole interview with David Danzig and The Teddy Bear Crusade: