Gary Liu of Giv360 Gives an Update on the Giv360 Platform

Gary Liu of Giv360 joined the Eric Holtzclaw Show on Monday to give listeners an update on the Giv360 app and platform.

Gary discussed several big name restaurants who have recently joined the Giv360 platform and announced that the Giv360 app is currently available for download in the Google Play store and is soon to be available in the Apple App store. Gary explained the difficult nature of getting a new app approved in the Apple App store and expressed the frustration with the time-consuming process of trying to bring a new app to the public.

Gary talked about the benefits to all three participants on the platform, reminding cardholders that joining the platform is completed in 3 easy steps. Cardholders simply download the app, scan in their cards, and choose the non-profit they wish to support and shop. Simple as that! No store card, punch card, or key fob to keep up with. Simply shop or dine as you normally would and up to 5% of your purchase is automatically donated to your chosen non-profit.

Non-profits have two options to choose from if they wish to participate in the Giv360 platform. The first option is to become a non-profit beneficiary. As a beneficiary of the Giv360 program the organization will appear on a list of organizations for a cardholder to support and receives a quarterly check by mail with their donations.

The other option is for a non-profit to join our partner program in which they receive a monthly deposit directly into their account, a portal to track supporters and their spending habits and support from our marketing and promotions team.

Merchants benefit from the platform with free advertising to a built in customer base, access to a merchant portal, new loyal customersand the ability to give back and support their local community.

If you have additional questions or want to become a member of our platform visit our site or email Giv360’s Executive Director, Quinn, at  

You can listen to the full interview with Gary below: