Josh Carper of jRL Systems Explains Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Point of Sale System

Josh Carper, Vice President of jRL Systems joined the Eric Holtzclaw Show Monday to explain new and emerging trends in restaurant point of sale (POS) Systems.

Josh explained how new and various ways to pay, lead to restaurants and other retailers needing to consider upgrading their POS systems in an effort to continue supporting a growing customer base. He touched on how EMV chips were now creating even more of a need to provide updated and secure payment processing for customers.

Josh also discussed two newer cloud based POS systems called ikentoo and shopkeep, explaining that both give companies the flexibility necessary if they plan to scale to multiple locations. By being cloud based, restaurant and business owners are able to access the systems remotely and it frees up space, which is historically a large footprint within the restaurants.

Listen to the full interview here: