When Forgetting Is Not An Option

It's been proven that procrastinators are the worst donators because they forget to give.

It's not intentional, but with non-compulsory tasks, procrastinators often don't feel the urgency to give. When there is no definite deadline to respond to, many people assume the importance of their gift is not as critical.

One reason for this assumption is the idea that there is always plenty of time to do it later; and with no penalty for"putting it off," people simply wait. If they forget, they won't face consequences, (but the charities will).

Consider what happens if you forget to file your taxes by April 15th.  There will be penalties, maybe even fees to pay because you didn't complete the task. The reward versus the penalty realization motivates procrastinators to meet their deadlines.

But charities are not going to penalize you for not giving. And they don't reward donations because that would cut into their non-profit fundraising and defeat the purpose.

So how do they create "top of mind" awareness that will encourage giving without forgetting?

The Giv360 app is the solution.

By using the Giv360 app, you can be more intentional with your giving, and you don't even have to remember.

Simply sign up one time. (Do it now before you forget!)  

It's easy, takes only a minute and it doesn't cost a thing. But the impact you make could change everything!

Your sign-up could impact future generations in ways you might not know:

ClubXhell is just one of the organizations represented. It's a youth organization committed to empower children and teens to have a positive sense of self, family and community.

Communities in Schools Atlanta has site coordinators working in local schools to address barriers to students succeeding. Their motto is "We believe ALL kids can succeed. We NEVER give up on kids, and we do not allow them to give up on themselves."

You can be a part by downloading the Giv360 app.  Don’t procrastinate, make a difference, and be a part of their success or choose from one of the thousands listed.

It's so easy and your one time sign-up could reward your charity of choice all year long- without your having to remember it.

It's the perfect plan for procrastinators- register once, then forget about it. Every time you shop with your registered card at a participating merchant, up to 5% of your purchase will be donated to the charity you chose. It's that simple. Do it now. Don't delay. Click here to start making a real difference in the lives of others. - Giv360.