Top Resolutions You can Achieve In Under an Hour!

There's a saying that it takes 3 weeks to form a habit. It's become a frequently cited "fact" that is actually a misconception from a book written in 1960 by Dr. Maxwell Maltz called Psycho-Cybernetics. That book prompted thousands of self-help gurus like Tony Robbins to jump on the bandwagon touting you need only 21 days to get it done...whatever"it" may be.

What do you have on your "It List"?

Some call "it" their New Year's Resolutions.

And since we are in our third week of 2016, you may be well on your way to "it" already.

Last year, resolutions that made the Top 10 were to (1) Lose Weight, (2) Get Organized, (4) Enjoy life to the Fullest and (8) Help Others in their Dreams. Another survey that listed the top 50 showed #22 - "To Do something Pro-Active for a cause, such as help the homeless, local farms, refugees, etc."

The Giv360 app can help you accomplish a lot of these resolutions, and you don't even have to break a sweat.

It can't make you lose weight, but it can help you eat better. Visit Green Ginger for a delicious avocado salad, Tofu Pad Thai or a plate of hibachi and kick your taste buds into first gear. You may find all that healthy eating helps you drop the pounds after all.

And what better way to enjoy life and de-stress than to choose a Swedish, hot stone or deep tissue massage from Harmony Massage? They even offer ear candling, skincare and foot massages.

A nice glass of wine from Grinds & Wines may be just what you need to relax.  Janet Taylor, MD, a New York psychiatrist, said, "De-Stressing is a definite resolution to consider."

The great news is it's not too late!

 And though real science and studies have determined that it actually takes a bit longer than 3 weeks - (about 66 days is the average) to form a habit, you can do it in one day by downloading the Giv360 app!

So if #22 was also on your list and you want to be more generous, you can start right now. And you don’t even have to remember to give because Giv360 does it for you every time you visit a participating Giv360 merchant.  They'll donate up to 5% of your purchase to the non-profit of your choice.

Visit our wonderful merchants and improve your life while improving others with your generosity. It's easy, free, and takes only a moment of your time. Start now and organize your gift-giving throughout the year with one simple app. You'll be able to do it stress-free, help others in their dreams, do something pro-active for a cause and help live your life to the fullest.

All that and you don't need 66 days to do it!

And if you do it now, you'll be one of the 8% of people who make New Year's Resolutions and actually keep them.

You can tell your friends that your resolution was to give more money to non-profits this year and you'll succeed in that promise every time you visit a participating merchant.

Let the Giv 360 App help you keep one very important resolution this year- your generous support of the non-profit you care about.