How To Be A Powerball Philanthropist Without Winning

Unless you've lived in a cave the past month, you know about the Powerball lottery that reached almost 1.6 billion dollars on January 13th.

And though the odds of winning were 1 in 292.2 million according to the Multi-State Lottery Association, 3 winning tickets were drawn that night.

What would you do with that enormous amount of money?  

Would you go throw a celebratory party at your local bar and invite all your friends for some margaritas? Or would you go gamble a little more and play some Texas hold'em with your new wallet full of cash?  (If so, head to the Sports Grill in Austell where you can do both! They've got great food, Texas hold 'em tournaments and delicious drinks.)

Would you go house hunting for a new home? Would you travel abroad?

An interesting survey that gave stats on how lottery winner's lifestyles changed was posted by Statistic Brain Research Institute.  Of the winners, 38% moved into a new home and 24% bought property in foreign countries.

Would you hire a personal chef, a fitness trainer or a masseuse if you could?

If your answer is yes, you may end up joining the 32% of winners who gained weight ...or the 12% who joined a health club. Or maybe you'd get a glorious massage at Harmony Massage in Cumming or Suwannee, Georgia. You could do that anytime though; because Harmony is affordable even if you don't have an extra 1.5 billion dollars laying around.

But the most surprising statistic quoted was that 44% of lottery winners had spent their ENTIRE winnings within 5 years!

Giv360 does not want anyone to spend their winnings foolishly so they've created a way to make sure your money can continue to give back long after you've spent it. The hope is that this year's winners will be like the 40% of past winners who increased their contributions to charities after they won.

By using the Giv360 app, the non-profit of your choice will receive 5% of your purchase every time you frequent a Giv360 merchant. With thousands of non-profits to choose from and the ease of a simple swipe, you can help your favorite charity every single time you shop. So whether you're enjoying a drink from the Sports Grill, or a foot rub from Harmony Massage, you'll feel good knowing you're donating to a great cause.

So don't have a Powerball pity party if you didn't pick the right numbers.

Because you still have a chance to make it right even if you didn't win the world's largest lottery this month. Because you can still have a plan in action to give generously.

Download the Giv360 app and know that you too can help your favorite charity, regardless of your income.

Because the app is free and easy to use!

Every time you visit a Giv360 merchant, they'll donate 5% of your bill to the charity you choose. It's a win-win for everyone, not just billionaires.