Ignore the Hype and Choose to Swipe

Advertisers spend a lot of money to reach consumers. In fact, during Super Bowl 50, advertisers spent a record $377 million dollars. This one game's advertising expense was more than all the other Super Bowls of the 60's, 70's and 80's combined!

Big names like Anheuser-Busch©, Coca-Cola© and Doritos© justify the 5 million dollar cost of airing a 30 second ad so you'll buy their drink and eat their chips. But imagine how far those "Super Bowl" dollars could have stretched if they'd been used to make super bowls of food instead.  

Healthy, nutritious meals for those too sick to make them is what Open Hand is all about! Maybe your passion is to help feed the hungry. If so, Open Hand may be the perfect charity for you to support. They provide nutritious meals to the most vulnerable men, women and children in your community. They've been doing it since 1988 and Sir Elton John recently delivered the 25 millionth meal.

Non-profits struggle daily with the challenge of reaching consumers who will donate to their cause. For obvious reasons, these organizations can't spend a lot of money on advertising, because that money is earmarked to go to the people in need. The Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia is dedicated to helping more than 150,000 Georgians with a seizure disorder and their families. Last year they raised $35,697 dollars for their camp scholarship fund.  This enabled 78 scholarship recipients to attend camp last year. They also provided $34,051 dollars to 92 people requiring emergency medication assistance. Added together that's about 70 thousand dollars. It may not seem like a lot compared to the cost of an ad airing in a football game, but it was able to help 170 individuals suffering from Epilepsy.

But it's only possible because of donations.

What if you, a consumer, could still shop like you normally do; go eat at restaurants, get your tires changed, your back adjusted, or your nails done....all while your dollars are going to support your favorite non-profit? If you shop with a participating Giv360 merchant, that's what happens.

Because up to 5% of your bill goes to helping the charity of your choice.

It is totally free to sign up and absolutely free to download the App. It only takes a few minutes of your time on their secure website and it's so easy, anyone can do it. When you go to the Giv360 site, you'll see the merchants that donate up to 5% of every purchase when you shop with them. And you can choose from thousands of non-profits that you want your donation to go to.

Do you have a heart for helping parents who have just lost an infant, consider choosing Rachel's Gift as the non-profit you help support. The money they receive helps train nurses and caregivers with grief assistance. They also provide families with keepsakes of their child.

Maybe you'd like to help Club Xhell. They're a youth organization purposed to empower children and teens to have a positive sense of self, family and community.

The choices are endless and the possibilities are limitless.

Ignore the hype and choose to swipe.

Because with every swipe of your card at a Giv360 merchant, you'll be sending revenue to a worthwhile charity who depends on donations. Your consumer dollars make a difference. Make the conscious choice to make your dollars matter! Download Giv360 today!