We Giv You a Match Made in Heaven

You're probably relieved all the candy, cards and jewelry commercials have ceased now that Valentine's Day is over. But you'll still see ads for finding the perfect partner because it's a $2.2 billion dollar industry.

 In 1995, Match.com launched the first dating website when only 14% of American adults actually used the Internet.  Now, 21 years later, the numbers have flipped and all but 15% of Americans use the Internet and 1 in 10 adults average more than an hour every day on a dating site.

If that doesn't describe you, but you're still looking for a match made in heaven, consider the Giv360 app.

It matches you to the best merchants in your area who are dedicated to worthy causes.

As Prepare My Mission says, "Pay attention to what breaks your heart. Chances are, that's where God wants you to serve."

But serving doesn't have to involve a backpack, plane ticket or a third-world-country trip.

You can do it from home by simply downloading the Giv360 app, registering the non-profit you want to support and then visiting one of the fine vendors who donate 5% of every purchase.

What's nicer than relaxing with friends and family on a Rustic Couch in a living room setting while you sip chai tea or a latte?

Maybe it comes from knowing that your coffee purchase from Rustic Couch just contributed dollars to an orphaned child overseas through Orphans International. Or your delicious dinner of wings and calamari while you listened to live music in the game room sent money to fight lung cancer to the American Cancer Society?

That's how it works when you pick a charity. Your purchases help non-profits.

It's free and easy. Register here- Giv360.  Then visit our merchants!  

Giv360 is proud to have a wide variety of kindhearted merchants who are committed to making a difference. Gekko Sushi, SOUTHBOUND and A Plus Collision Center along with Cameli's, Noni's deli and Melton's app & tap are a small sample of some of the businesses you can find. And they all donate 5% of your purchase to the charity of your choice.

Let 2016 be the year your heart is full of love and giving!



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