The Best Advice

Ann Landers was a famous writer responsible for newspaper columns that offered advice to readers all over the nation. Her candid and humorous style helped her achieve celebrity status as people looked for answers in her "Ask Ann Landers" column.  You may recognize one of her quotes on love - "The poor wish to be rich, the rich wish to be happy, the single wish to be married, and the married wish to be dead."  

While this quote might not be what you'd expect to celebrate the month of love, it is funny. 

But something that's not funny about February is the decline of donations given to charities this month. It seems that once January is over and all the IRS forms have been filled out, any additional money goes to paying taxes and holiday bills. This leaves many organizations "out in the cold." 

People may forget about the non-profits, thinking they'll donate to them later in the year. But those charitable organizations depend on donations every month to keep the lights on, the heat working, the bills paid and the services up and running.  

So how does one help make sure they aren't closing their doors and shutting down in February? 

If I were to ask Ann Landers the best way to support a favorite non-profit all year long, she'd probably recommend Giv360 - because she is known for giving the best advice! 

And Giv360 allows anyone to donate anytime they shop with a participating Giv360 merchant. It's free to download and takes only a minute.  You can choose your favorite charity and then no matter what day or month it is, you are able to share the love of giving! A donation of up to 5% of your purchase is sent straight to the non-profit of your choice. It really is that easy. 

And if you're interested in non-profits that focus on Love - here's a small list of some charities that you can choose to support through the Giv360app. All have headquarters in Georgia. 

Hope and Love (Atlanta, GA) has a mission to help families and their children with short-term and emergency assistance. They offer services like family and financial counseling, job training skills, alcohol and drug rehabilitation and a bevy of other services to those in need. 

Margret's Voice (Experiment, GA) and the Bunga-Love project lovingly serves the people in the villages of Uganda, helping educate, feed and care for the women and children that are in dire need.  

The Davis Love Foundation  (headquartered on St. Simons Island) is a non-profit that was founded in 2005 by Davis Love III and his wife Robin. It supports qualified national and community programs that serve children and families in need.  

Community Friendship (Atlanta, GA) provides hope, help and support for recovery to Fulton County residents. At CFI, they believe that no matter what you have been through or are going through, life can get better for you.  

Ann Landers would agree, because two of her most famous quotes were - "When life's problems seem overwhelming, look around and see what other people are coping with. You may consider yourself fortunate."  She also said, "The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.  

What selfless gift of love and giving can you do today for your favorite non-profit? 

Allow Giv360 to help you make February a month of love and giving that starts now and goes all year long!