A Better Way to Give IT Away

Giv360 would like to say "Thank you" to the thousands of  businesses across America who give away money and gift certificates to charities, school fundraisers, team sports, church drives and all the organizations who have asked you for sponsorship. 

And for all those who haven't, we say- "No worries- we understand why you didn't." 
Businesses are inundated with requests for merchandise, gift cards, sponsorship dollars and free meals every day.  If the owner were to say "Yes" to every well-meaning non-profit or sports club asking for something, they'd quickly be out of business. 

But don't take those Recognition Plaques and team pics off the wall just yet. Instead, proudly display them. But beside them, start putting up a Giv360 sign. 

It shows your business CAN DONATE to every non-profit organization who asks!


Just register your business as a participating Giv360 merchant! By doing that, you acknowledge to all the Giv360 customers that you'll be sending 5% of their bill to their favorite non-profit.

So when little Tommy's Football Coach comes in asking for donations , you can tell him to register his non-profit club with Giv360. Or he can choose the  Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation or Good Sports, which are both great organizations who send equipment and grants to area clubs . By registering his team or club organization with these wonderful charities, they'll be able to get more than just a name on the back of their T-Shirt from your business.  And once they spread the word to everyone they know,  the donations will be multiplied over and over with each 5% donation. 

So the next time you want to say "Yes"- "Say Yes!" by pointing them to the Giv360 site and inviting them and everyone they know to register. Then they can sit back and wait for the monthly sponsorship dollars to roll in to their club or organization. 

They'll be happy knowing they no longer need to cold call or go door to door looking for donations.

 And you'll feel good knowing your business provides an outlet to send  5% of their purchase amount to their favorite club or charity. You'll also love the added traffic brought to your business!

Because the marketing you'll receive as a Giv360 merchant is top notch technology.  Your business, along with the logo and website info, will be seen on our site, blogs, social media and more. If you're a restaurant,  imagine how links to menus and reservations on a customer's smart phone can increase your table turns. Giv360 uses geofencing software to target potential customers. So if a person has the Giv360 app loaded to their phone and is looking for new tires in a certain area, and you sell tires- Guess what?  Up will pop your Tire Store! They could even click on a link that could offer them a special or a coupon or directions to your place if you wanted. 

And it's free! 

Click here to register your business today so you can proudly display the Giv360 merchant sign by your door!