Area Restaurants Serving More Than Food

Imagine you are a restaurant owner, dependent on customers and repeat business for your survival and growth. While it is hard enough to deliver quality meals and exceptional customer service with every table turn, it's even more difficult to do so when food prices continue to rise.  Many restaurants are feeling the pinch. "To keep customer traffic up, businesses are simply cutting deep into their profits, and the effects are being felt all the way up the chain." This is happening across the restaurant industry- from mega-chains like McDonalds to Olive Garden. The Associated Press reported,  "For the first time since 1970, McDonalds will close more U.S. restaurants in 2015 than it will open."

So if rising food prices can cause the Golden Arches to close down, imagine what it can do to your favorite local restaurants.  Georgia has some of the finest casual dining establishments in the South. Some have multiple locations like La Hacienda which are in Fayetteville, Newnan, Peachtree City, and Midtown while others are independent like Winston's Food and Spirits and Pj's Cafe. The beauty of living in Georgia is all the great choices you have when it comes to dining out.

But the challenge to these restaurants is to find new customers and make sure they return again and again. Obviously having a great menu, superior food and friendly staff are key to this. But restaurants are discovering there's another contributing factor that influences customers. 

"In the last decade, there has been an increased desire among consumers to support, when possible, local and small businesses."

One way a restaurant can do this is by buying food from a local farm that can provide them with fresh local ingredients instead of buying from a national distributor.  The Mill Kitchen and Bar does this, and even lists their farmers on their site. Some restaurants support local artists and musicians by having them perform on certain nights. Coming soon the Rustic Couch will be featuring Spoken Work Artists in addition to their 1st and 3rd Friday's musical entertainment.

In addition, and this is where Giv360 comes in, restaurants can support non-profit organizations. "Thanks in part to social media, consumers, especially those who fall within the 'millennial' category, are extremely tuned in to local, national, and world causes. As a restaurant owner, you have the opportunity to connect with customers on a deeper level by showing that your restaurant is actively dedicated to supporting a cause (or causes)."

"According to Loyalogy, 73% of restaurant customers would recommend a business more frequently if it had an appealing rewards program."  Giv360 offers a wonderful reward program to customers because it allows them to donate up to 5% of their purchase to their favorite charity! It's a win-win for the restaurants and for the customers. If the stats are true that "more than 70% of customers who visit a restaurant once never go back".

Developing longstanding relationships with consistent clients who fill tables is every merchant's desire. Giv360 helps do that by promoting its participating merchants and encouraging customers to visit those places who help support worthy causes. And in case you haven't figured it out yet, the restaurants listed here are just a few of the many Giv360 merchants you'll find on our site.

Click here to see all the wonderful Giv60 merchants who donate 5% of your bill to your favorite non-profit. Sign up today. It's free, easy, and you'll be making a difference...not just in the lives of the charity, but in the livelihood of the restaurants you love to eat at!