How Giving Love Earned one Family a 54k Tax Refund

In 2016, you get an extra 3 days to file your IRS tax return.  April 15th is normally the deadline, but because the Washington D.C. Emancipation Day holiday is being observed on the 15th instead of on the 16th, the tax day this year is the following Monday.

Even with more time, there will be plenty who don't do it. Each year, about 7 million U. S. Taxpayers fail to file their taxes. It's not that they're late, they just don't file at all, resulting in a loss of about 28 billion dollars to the government.

While this idea may sound appealing, the fines and possible jail time should dissuade you from skipping out on your obligations. As Benjamin Franklin once said- "In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."

While discovering you owe is discouraging to some filers, receiving a refund can be a blessing to others.

Especially if you're getting rewarded because of your kindness and generosity.

Giv360 is a firm believer in helping out. They use technology to boost non-profits' donations by partnering with local businesses. When a customer shops or eats at a participating Giv360 merchant, up to 5% of their check is donated to the customer's charity of choice. It costs the consumer nothing, but it can really add up over time.

Thelma and David Ward know all about this. They started out being foster parents in North Carolina to needy children.  Thelma said they "didn't get into foster care to adopt anyone, but when we started being foster parents, we couldn't let a child leave us without a place to call home." That love meant they ended up adopting five special needs children to add to the two children they already had together.

Thelma quit her daycare job to stay home to take care of them.  The bills for speech therapy, physical therapy, learning disabilities and medicine added up quickly, yet they stretched their income by using coupons, holding garage sales and budgeting.  Wade even had to take a significant pay cut at the concrete company he worked at just to keep his job in 2010... so you can imagine their surprise when they got back a refund worth more than they make all year long!

The H& R block tax preparer where they've been going for 10 years surprised them with the news- they would be receiving a check from the IRS for $54,492.00.

Though the credit for adopting special needs children had been in existence since 1997, the tax credit kept rolling over from year to year because the Wards didn't make enough money. Once the credit became refundable, they were able to get all the previous year's leftovers in a lump sum.

What if you could be the giver of a lump sum like that? With the Giv360 app, you can. By small incremental purchases, over time, you'll be sending significant aid to the charity of your choice. Think of the windfall that can be generated when a few people turn into a few hundred into a few thousand! A 5% donation can really add up and make a difference in the lives of others.  Just as the Wards gave love to 5 special children who needed it most, you too can give up to 5% to a non-profit in need.  And it costs you nothing but a minute of your time. Click here to sign up.

It's free, easy and sure beats sending your hard-earned money to the IRS.