What Does Giv360 and Belly Buttons Have in Common?

People assume you possess an innie or an outie because of how your umbilical cord was cut or clamped.

This is a misconception. Your naval is actually a scar; medically speaking it's a scar named umbilicus. Dr. Daniel McGee, a pediatrician at DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids said outies have "nothing to do with how the umbilical cord was cut or clamped.

Do you realize that every mammal that gives birth to live young has a belly button? So though you may never get up close and personal to see a giraffe, whale or a rat's belly button, you can rest assured they do have them.

Your naval is unique to you. It signifies the place where you and your mother were connected. That flexible cordlike structure contained blood vessels and carried essential life-giving supplies to help you grow, build, and become a functioning independent entity.

Giv360 is a lot like that. It's one small app that gives greater life to non-profits.

Do you find yourself wishing you could give more? Do you want to help charities but worry that the inward tug doesn't line up with your outer bank account?

If so, don't fret. Because Giv360 is the answer. Simply register on the Giv360 site. Then your purchases at participating merchants send up to 5% of your bill to the charity you picked.

It doesn't cost you "innie" extra money
from your "outie" pocket funds!

But you'll be donating to a great cause. 

It's Giv360's way of turning an innie into an outie, which happens to some women's belly buttons when they become pregnant. Theirs may “pop out “as the pressure of the baby pushes against soft tissue. Usually it returns to normal, but sometimes it can be stretched permanently.

Giv360 can allow you to stretch your giving as well; with a simple sign-up that can leave a permanent impact!

 "So though you can't control whether you get an innie or an outie," you can control how clean it is.

Did you know it can house all kinds of bacteria?  "According to a North Carolina State University study, researchers took swabs from 60 navels, which revealed more than 1,400 species of bacteria. One bacteria was responsible for smelly feet!" So there's more than just lint gathering there!

How does this relate to the Giv360 app? Even if your pockets are cleaned out... except for the lint, you can still donate every time you swipe at a participating merchant.

Giv360 provides new exposure to non-profits by focusing its lens on charities. Likewise, doctors insert tiny cameras through belly buttons to help them perform surgeries. By going through one incision in the belly button, there is less chance of wound infection and no scar. Hernia repair, gallbladder and appendix removal, gastric banding, hysterectomies and some bowel cancer surgeries are using the belly button for these "keyhole" surgeries.

When you download the Giv360 app, you too can be the keyhole to the future. Every time you swipe your card and make a purchase, you'll be unlocking up to 5% gift to your favorite charity.

Lastly, did you know that the position of your belly button may actually determine how fast you can run or swim? A Duke University study by Andre Bejan determined it's not your "total height, but the position of the belly button" that determines your speed.

Giv360 is lightning fast. In a matter of minutes, you can click, sign up, select, and be well on your way to making a huge impact for your favorite charity.

Now you know....what Giv360 and Belly Buttons have in common.