How You Can Step It Up This Year and Finish with Pride

There's a lot to be said about finishing what you start. Even if you hadn't originally planned on starting it.

Last month, a 12 year old girl who thought she had lined up late to run in a 5k was actually early.

LeeAdianez Rodriquezgot to the race's starting line and saw runners ahead of her had already begun. So she caught up with them and began running in what she thought was the Rochester Flower City Challenge - a 3.1 mile course.

But her race was actually scheduled to start 15 minutes later. So who was she running with?

The half-marathoners! 

Midway through, she realized she was running a 13.1 mile course - a whopping 10 miles more than her original intent, but she decided to keep going.

Not only did she not stop, but she completed it, with a time of 2 hours and 43 minutes.

What a great story! How being prompt, though not necessarily punctual, still led to progress!

Have you ever started something and wished you could finish it? Have you ever had great intentions but weren't able to follow through?

Maybe it's going to the gym or volunteering somewhere. Maybe you want to write a book or stay on a new diet.

Or hopefully, it's the desire to give more charitably and help support non-profits this year.

Giv360 can help you achieve your desire to be more philanthropic! Giv 360 partners with merchants all over Georgia who will donate up to 5% of your purchase to the charity of your choice.

That's right- it's your choice.

Simply sign up on Giv360's site and pick a charity you'd like to help. Then every time you spend money at a Giv360 merchant, proceeds will be sent to your charity.

And you don't have to do anything else.

You don't have to train, run, or even wake up on time. No training gear or private lessons are required.

You can get to the finish line with a simple click.

Here's your  - sign up today. It's free, easy and yet you can feel good about finishing what you start. Because every time you swipe your card, the Giv360 merchant will send a portion of your check to the charity of your choice.

What charity will you choose? The possibilities are endless.

If you like races, consider supporting the Epilepsy Foundation's National Walk for Epilepsy or Sharon's Ride, or PCI's Walk for Water.

If you like animals, consider PAWS Atlanta or Georgia SPCA.

Or maybe you want to honor and empower vets and support the Wounded Warrior Project.

With the Giv360 app, any non-profit close to your heart can benefit from your donations.

So let's get started! 2016 can be the year you become more charitable and make a difference in the lives of step and one swipe at a time.