Giv360 Provides Pathways For Positive Change

In Georgia, it's common to see Atlanta Falcon clothing and sports memorabilia everywhere. But what a lot of people don't see when they're traveling to games is the neighborhood just west of the stadium - where one of Atlanta's poorest and most crime-ridden areas in the nation dwell.

It's hard to imagine, but nearly 40% of the residents in the 30314 neighborhoods live below the federal poverty level. This one zip code accounts for an astonishing 60% of all the murders in Atlanta and why the "FBI considers the 1300 block of 30314 the 5th most violent block in the entire United States."

Statistics like these need to change and the non-profit City of Refuge has made it their mission to do just that. The City of Refuge wants to transform and revitalize the city of Atlanta and have a pathway to do it. The staff, volunteers, and residents are witnessing miracles, every day, of positive change beginning to take root around Vine City, English Avenue, and Washington Park neighborhoods.

Giv360 encourages you to be a part of this great organization. By choosing City of Refuge as your charity to support, every time you visit a participating Giv360 merchant, you'll be sending up to 5% of your purchase to the City of Refuge's cause. Your contributions can make an impact and help provide on-campus interventions and programs that are providing solutions with dignity.

Another great organization helpingkids is Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  This non-profit supports Georgia's sick and injured children and provides them with the specialized pediatric care they need. Some of the services they supply are pediatric cancer treatments, organ transplants, fracture care and appendectomies for the community's children and teens. You can help this great organization when you sign up at Giv360 and choose CHOA as your charity of choice.

To find out more about these charities and the hundreds of others that you can support, click here.  Giv360 is an innovative fundraising platform which allows people just like you to sign up for free, choose a non-profit of your choice, and register a card. It's that easy.  In mere minutes, you'll be signed up and ready to go. You can check out the participating merchants who will generously donate up to 5%  of your purchase every time you make a purchase at their location. Restaurants, bars, chiropractors, masseuses, hair salons, tire shops, animal hospitals and nurseries are just a few of the types ofmerchants partnering with Giv360. They provide a way for you to show your generosity to non-profits not just in Georgia, but anywhere in the world.