The Atlanta Falcons and Murphy's Law

The season is upon us. Football Season that is. And it's no surprise that Americans love to watch it. In fact, the top 12 shows of the 2015 fall season were NFL games! And Sunday night football was the No. 1 show all 17 weeks of primetime!

While football appreciation is up, ticket sales at live games may not be. Fans say the long lines, parking fees, ticket costs, travel time and expensive food and beer certainly add to the experience. But being there live is not necessarily a good thing, for the wallet or the show. Many fans believe you can't beat watching football on TV at a bar or at home with friends.  

Leagues are recognizing this move to the couch and barstools and how it is hurting attendance. So they are coming up with strategies to lure fans back to the games. Some are adding Wi-Fi to the stadiums, building separate corners with big screens, and even planning fantasy football lounges where fans can get in early and watch the games their fantasy players are in. These innovative ideas from league owners are competing for fans like Brendan Murphy who gave up his season tickets to spend time watching his favorite team from a bar.

Murphy's reasoning- "the view."

 He explained how he'd be at the stadium watching the game, and he was lost..."they don't tell you anything. He couldn't understand what happened on the field until someone called him who was watching the game on TV. They were the ones in the loop, not me and yet I was there live."

 So Giv360 wants to help all those who can relate to "Murphy's law" and aren't making the trek to the Georgia Dome this season. 

Don't feel guilty if you want to cheer on the Falcons from home or a local bar this year. In fact, Giv 360 can help you feel good about doing it.

The best way to get your game on, and your giving, is by visiting one of these Giv360 merchants. There you can indulge in the best football food, hang with your friends and watch the game.

Check out the Tin Roof Cantina, a great sports bar complete with washers and corn hole, ping pong, and darts. They have 13 TV's and a 150 foot projection screen to watch the game on. They serve up a wide selection of burgers, cheese fries and tacos along with draft pitchers.

But if you're not in Atlanta, and find yourself closer to Austell, head to the Sports Grill where you can watch all your favorite teams play on the big screens while having the best burgers and wings in town.

Speaking of wings, did you know that 21,917,808 chickens are consumed per day in the United States? Americans eat 25 billion chicken wings per year and 100 million pounds are eaten during super bowl weekend alone.

But wings aren't the only foods popular during football games. did a survey and listed the top foods to grub on. A few that made the top ten alongside wings were Queso dip,  quesadillas, cheeseburgers, and pizza.  

So if Queso dip and quesadillas sound like the perfect fan food, consider taking home a Quesadilla platter or Nacho bar from La Hacienda in Newnan . They even have Margarita Machines you can rent with catering. Your house would definitely be the one everyone wants to go to watch the game!

And don't forget pizza!. Pizza, hoagies, calzones or Stromboli's from Tour De Italy in Fayetteville for those Monday night games are always a hit. Especially when you don't want to go out late because you have to work early the next day. They'll hook you up as they're open 7 days a week from 11am till 9pm!

But the best part in all this is knowing when you order from a participating Giv360 merchant like the ones listed above, you're also giving back.

 Because they donate up to 5% of your purchase to the charity of your choice, you can root on your favorite team, while supporting a non-profit in the process. It's a win-win for all- no matter how many times your team fumbles the ball-you'll always come up a winner with the Giv360 app.